<Some ideas for an anarchist / zapatista urbanism>

Two videos / web site premier / discussion

Videos and website by Jose Perez de Lama / El Retorno de la Columna Durito

Presentation / discussion by /with Mariana Botey and Héctor Gallegos and



Tuesday, februray 26 th / 9pm - 11pm


Video 1:

<Propuestas para un debate sobre urbanismo anarquista> 10 min, 2001 [Spanish]

This video presents images of the Zapatista March [feb-march 2001] together

with texts and comments inspired in Guy Debord, Raoul Vaneigem and Sam Blower.

Video 2:

<Whatever happened to Rud'is Promise of America?> aprox. 15 min, 2002 [English]

This video presents some stories around California architectural pioneer Rudolf

Schindler. His Kings Rd house is taken over by the EZLA [Ejército Zapatista de

Liberación Arquitectónica]... Texts by Deleuze and Guattari, Foucault, the

Situationists and the Zapatistas inspire this piece.

Web site:

The web site proposes alternative maps / digital drifts through the city of Los

Angeles. Participants will be able to experiment the site using the computers

at Flor y Canto.



Some ideas related to the videos - anarchist urbanism, Situationism,

Zapatismo...- will be presented by Mariana Botey, Héctor Gallegos and José

Pérez de Lama, to introduce a discussion among participants in the event.


Mariana Botey is an activist and videoartist, born in Mexico City. She has been

related to the Zapatista uprising since 1994. She lives in Los Angeles.

Héctor Gallegos is a Situationist and anarchist scholar and activist based in

Los Angeles.

José Pérez de Lama has been practical and theoretically involved in these

issues for several years. He has presented some of these works in Barcelona and

Sevilla, Spain, Los Angeles, California, and Chiapas, Mexico.

"El Retorno de la Columna Durito" is a collaborative effort that includes

different people in Spain and the US: among others: Jose Vergara, Lidia

Mauduit, Pepa Domínguez, Mr Tamale, Antonio Mendoza, Sergio Moreno,

www.wewearbuildings.cc, La Nave...