We had

Computers and WiFi access
at Flor y Canto

but boy did the get old quick! Yet, nobody noticed, thank you DSL!

NEW 6/04/2004 We've just added WiFi access (802.11b) to Flor y Canto, wireless internet connectivity. If you bring in your laptop, we will give you the encryption key (128bit) and SSID so that you can connect to the network, we wouldn't want you sending wide open data packets!  Same price for wifi 50 cents a 1/2 hour, we don't have electrical outlets to spare so come charged up!

We currently have 4 computers, all of which are hooked up to a fast DSL internet connection. Although they are primarily being used for internet access, they can also be used for homework, games, email, making web pages, and more.

To cover some of the costs that it takes to run the center we do have a nominal charge for computer use:   .50 for 1/2 Hour   or   $1.00 an Hour   also known as CHEAP!

We don't turn anyone away for lack of funds! Our policy has been that if nobody is signed up and paying (which is often) the computers can be used for free.

We are also trying to encourage the use of Linux, the open-source operating system, since it goes well with our not-for-profit perspective. If you want to check out what it looks like, come by and see for yourself. But don't feel intimidated, we do have Windows for those that aren't ready to try it out.

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