Curious Facts About Flor y Canto


Flor y Canto is an ancient Aztec term. In Nahuatl (the Aztec language) Flor y Canto is translated to “In Xochtil, In Cuicatl” and refers to the poetry of life.

Here is an pre-Columbian Nahuatl poem:

Quin oc ca tlamati noyollo:

Niccaqui in cui catl,

nic itta in xochitl;

Maca in cuetlahui!


¡Hasta ahora lo comprende mi corazón!

Oigo un canto,

veo una flor:

¡Ojalá jamás se marchiten!


Flor y Canto is located in a building built in 1926.  The Orpheum Theater, LA City Hall and the Downtown Library were all built the same year.

There are 2 river rocks used inside Flor y Canto, from the the ruins of Llano del Rio a Socialist Colony founded in the Antelope Valley in 1914.

More info on Llano Del Rio here:

The loft inside Flor y Canto was built by the previous tenants, the multi-talented duo of Guillermo and Catherine. They also laboriously painted the checkerboard design on the floor.

For some reason, no one uses Linux on the public computers, to the chagrin of Tiburcio.

More curious facts to come...

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