Local Links


Here's a list of links to places, groups, or events that are local or relevant to the neighborhood. Or possibly just inspiring to us!


Local Places -if you plan to visit our area and want to know what else is around.

IMIX Bookstore 5052 Eagle Rock Blvd (323) 257-2512 a new bookstore in nearby Eagle Rock, awesome selection of Latino/Chicano themed books.

33 1/3 Books  (213)483-3500  1200 N. Alvarado St. in Echo Park Local book and magazine shop with great selection of stuff and many radical books, be sure to check them out. 

Rock Rose Gallery & Arroyo Books 4108 N. Figueroa Ave. (323)222-4740 

El Alisal-Lummis Home 200 E. Avenue 43 (323)222-0546 Great gardens and extraordinary historical house, free!

Mudpuppy Cafe  4219 N. Figueroa St 323-223-4500 New local coffee shop for your caffeine needs! Also offer some vegetarian food options and vegan drinks.

Greater Los Angeles -Stuff in LA but not necessarily around here

CyberTeca 4020 E. Slauson Ave. Maywood (323)560-3964 Computer training center that reaches out to the community

Arts in Action 1919 W. 7th St. (4th Floor) (213)483-3504 A great meeting/social space for a variety of political and cultural events in the McArthur Park area.  UPDATE The space has sadly closed down due to a costly rent increase, hope we're not next.


Virtual Community -Links to online projects

www.killradio.org Internet Radio site with a wide variety of shows 

LA Indymedia Center Great site for news and updates of the political side of LA

LA Anarchists email list discussion list for and by LA Anarchists

Other Projects Of Interest

Razorcake is an always interesting, locally made punk magazine, check it out!

The Gaian-Mind new alternative space in Long Beach, with gardens, potlucks, and lots of potential.

Resistant Culture a great band with much heart, Tribal Grind for social change!

Gorsky Press is an LA based publisher of fine literature, it don't get no finer, entiendes?

www.anarchistfederation.org  Orange County based website trying to link up So.Cal radicals.

East Wind Community A communal living environment in Missouri, beloved by our departed supporter Disco

Bound Together Books 1369 Haight Street San Francisco (415)431-8355 Great example for everyone!

www.akpress.org  Online radical bookseller

kersplebedeb.com Cool distro of literature, buttons, and shirts

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