Splitting the Sky Speaking Event

A presentation with former political prisoner and
Native American freedom-fighter
on May 20th, 7 PM
at Flor y Canto Flor y Canto
3706 N.Figueroa Ave
In Los Angeles


From a background of orphanages and boarding
schools, Dacajeweiah "Splitting the Sky" John Hill
emerged as a leader of the Attica rebellion at the age
of nineteen, and later became active with the American
Indian Movement. With the publication of his long
anticipated memoir, From Attica to Gustafsen Lake,
Splitting the Sky reveals the definitive inside
account of the Attica uprising and its horrendous
aftermath, takes us behind the scene at Gustafsen
Lake, Canada's own Wounded Knee, and provides us with
invaluable insight into the late 20th Century
struggles for peace and justice and Native American
self-determination. Splitting the Sky is a powerful
articulate public lecturer. Be sure to check out his
upcoming presentation at Flor y Canto, where he will
discuss issues as diverse as the
Prison-Industrial-Complex, the reality of the War on
"Terrorism", the ongoing struggle for
self-determination for indigenous peoples the world
over, and the need for a militant, determined North
American de-colonization movement. For more info on
Splitting the Sky, visit his website at

location of the event:
Flor y Canto
3706 N.Figueroa Ave
In Los Angeles
email: mail@florycanto.org 

This event is sponsored by the Jericho Coalition of
Los Angeles: jerichoamnestycoalitionla@yahoo.com and
the LA-Anarchist Black Cross Federation: la_abcf_bg@hotmail.com