Anarchist Study Group

A new study group will begin to meet here at FyC starting on Saturday March 23rd and will most likely be every other Saturday after that (details will be hammered out within the group). The objective of the group is:

    "to understand what Anarchy stands for and better understand how it works. in addition to bring people together from various backgrounds to discover the wealth of information we have from learning from our own communities, cultures and indigenous backgrounds. the readings will be taken from the site which is basically a crash course in A. From the znet we will start out with the facts and questions commonly asked about A. the site specifically is that will link you up to the znet stuff. then we will cover definitions, comparative theories etc. like i said no one will be leading the group and once we get through the znet stuff, people are encouraged to bring in their own stuff." (From Kim's email)

For the first meeting, it is recommended that people read the text on this page here:

From A.1.1 to A.1.5

For more information, contact Kim at