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Yes, we'll try!

Email sent Monday February 14 2005


 Just a quick update about some upcoming events. There is no Film Night this
week, it resumes on Feb 25 with "The Future of Food."

 On Saturday there will be a reception for "Blue Stockings", here's some

  Blue Stockings
  A fiber arts interpretation of the Victorian era women's literary group

  February 19 - March 28, 2005
  Reception: Saturday, February 19 noon-2pm

  Sandra Carter, Signe Dupuy, Ngaire Kit and Laurel Paley

  Laurel Paley will conduct a potholder workshop on Saturday, March 19 from
  11-2 pm at Flor Y Canto.  Bring clean socks.  Open to all ages.  If you
can use
  a pair of scissors you can make a potholder.

Then on Monday Feb 21 at 7pm will be another installation of the Perpetual
Motion Roadshow (http://www.nomediakings.net) featuring queerpunk teen
novelist Kristyn Dunnion from Toronto, badboy balladeer Mick Gael from
Eugene, and speed metal folkie Snoovy. Come on down for a night of free

There's a new selection for our Book of the Month (yeah, our months seem to
last forever!) this time it's a local Magazine from City Terrace: Sal Si
Puedes. If you'd like to read some interesting writing from East Los, this
journal is highly recommended. Check out the review at

And last but not least, many people have (still!) been requesting copies of
the Slingshot Organizer so we've received another shipment. If you want one,
come get it while you can, they're sure to go fast! Or if you want us to
reserve a copy, send us an email.

That's all for now, have a good month!

Saludos from the volunteers at Flor y Canto