Felipe Alarcon
Specialized Rockhopper
"I married my wife because she doesn't like being in cars. She's getting a new bike soon so we can ride together"

It takes Felipe 15 minutes to get from his job in the Fashion District to his home near Pico & Vermont, and he enjoys the trip because it allows him to see many things. For $10 and some bartering he was able to buy his bike off the street, which is common for him as he's had 3 bikes stolen by people that cut his chain. He figures theres no point in buying an expensive u-lock as that'll probably cost more than what he can pay for a bike. Because he rides on the sidewalk for safety, sometime the pedestrians present a challenge because they often get in the way. He enjoys biking though and prefers it entirely over a car. He states that riding bikes is great and more people should do it.