Mr. X, Chris, and BMX
Specialized, Primo, and Nyquist RI Hard Bike
"We don't like video games, we'd rather ride our bikes."

We spotted Mr. X, Chris, and BMX riding their bikes down the stairs at Los Angeles and Temple in Downtown. They were having a good time, bouncing down steps, hopping onto planters, and riding wheelies on the curb. These young teens from City Terrace use their bikes to get to school and as their principle means of transport. Mr. X got his Specialized as a birthday gift but stated sadly that he likes nothing about it, "it's too heavy to do tricks".  Chris got his Primo from his brother, he likes that it's "light". BMX paid "3 bills" for his Nyquist and he likes that "it's manual". They all dislike that there are too many pedestrians on the sidewalk, where they are forced to ride. The cops harass them as well, especially the ones at East LA College, who chase them in golf carts, though they've yet to get caught. Their parents like that they ride because it makes them go out and get exercise. They wanted to be photographed doing "action shots" but when the pictures didn't come out right, they settled for posing in trick positions.